Believing that we are in the last days, and knowing the Great Commission,

we would like to invite you to join with us in God’s tract ministry,


 Especially for YOU

TimeLY and TimeLESS Tracts

and more …

We claim Ephesians 3:20, 21, trusting God to do

exceedingly abundantly ABOVE all that we ask or think,

 giving Him ALL the praise, honor and glory !




ALL tracts and booklets are Holy Spirit inspired,

in the King James Version of the Bible*

 and ALL include a sinner’s prayer.

More tracts are being done as the Lord leads.


We will also be honored to visit your local church or group,

set up a display table

and speak on the hows, whys and joys of tracts

as a great soul winning tool.

We have free samples for everyone and

a challenge for anyone who dares to take it !

The Tract Lady

Especially for YOU


Just a farmer for Jesus sowing seeds of salvation.

May God richly bless you as you go TRACTing for Jesus !!


*Our ONE exception to this is Dear Catholic Friend,
based on the Romans Road to Salvation

and quoted from the Catholic Bible.

TimeLESS Tracts:    Because God’s Word is truly timeLESS. 

Please call or email for a free sample pack.

15c each  (helps with cost of paper and printing) 

20c each for GIANT PRINT

~ GTS ~ Also available freely, as the Lord  provides, from

Gospel Tract Society,   PO Box 1118,   Independence, MO., 64051

12 Fingers and 12 Toes


Actions follow Beliefs

Advantages of Going to Hell

All crafts are someone’s special creation ~ great for craft shows

ALL means ALL and that’s ALL that means

Anti-Christ has no desire of women

Are dinosaurs in the Bible?   ~ GTS ~

Are YOU afraid of dying?

Are YOU mad at God?   ~ GTS  ~

Are you RAPTURE READY ?     ~ GTS ~

Are you TOO BUSY ?

Are you waiting for a sign from God?

Awesome times infinity

BEST of times/WORST of times


Choices, Choices, Choices

Christian friend, do you know the WAYS of God?

Christian, how can you NOT tell?

Come as you are

Company’s coming ! ~ How do those words make YOU feel? 

What if it were Jesus coming to visit?

*Dear Catholic Friend ~ also available in GIANT PRINT 

Quoted from the Catholic Bible


Dearest Friend ~ a GIANT PRINT tract for the visually impaired

Do you know FOR SURE?

Do you like to WALK ?


Don’t be caught…DEAD without Jesus !

Don’t put off until tomorrow ...

Dude, that’s awesome !

              A follow-up tract for teens with your church info, 20c each

Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

Expiration Dates, do you read them ?

EXTRA, EXTRA !  Read all about it !  Someone is praying for YOU today !

Face Art

FACTS, just the FAQS

Free Gift Inside   ~ GTS ~


George W. Bush, you know about him, don’t you ?

God helps them that help themselves

God’s phone number

Golden Years, where are they ?

GOOD NEWS for a change

Gotcha !

Happily ever after

HEAD or HEART, which is more important ?

Hearts and souls have no color

HELL ~ What, Where, Who and How about you?

Hot as an oven

How can you refuse Him now?

Hungry? What are YOU hungry for today?

I am the MASTER of my FATE. I am the CAPTAIN of my SOUL.

Ignorance is bliss

I’m going to live forever, young, healthy and feeling great.  ~ GTS ~

         Good for funerals    Also available in GIANT PRINT  

In search of MAYBERRY

Instant Gratification

Is THIS the man?   ~ GTS ~

Is what you’re LIVING FOR really worth DYING FOR?

Is Your House RAPTURE READY ?   ~ GTS ~

It’s about TIME

Knowing and Believing are two different things

Liar, Lunatic or Lord

Life can change forever in an instant   ~ GTS ~

LIFE/DEATH, beautifully entwined, based on Romans 6:23

Life goes on ~ good for funerals

Life is like a BED OF ROSES, a ROSE GARDEN, if you will.

LIFE is really also a DEATH Sentence

Line in between

Little things mean a  LOT

Lonely clothes shrink

Love Letter

Mary’s Tears

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Money is the root of all evil

Mr. Boo, the poodle doodle ~ great for kids, pet lovers

Multiple Choice

My Best Friend is Jewish

My God is not dead, how about yours?


No means Yes

Nothing in life i$ free

OH MY GOD !     ~ GTS ~

Oops,    talks about “In God We Trust” on the new dollar coins

Open mouth, insert foot   ~ GTS ~

Party, Party, Party ~ good for funerals

Racing to the finish line

Random acts of kindness

Rest in peace, not so! ~ also good for funerals

Roadside crosses 
Rollercoasters and Eggshells
Shop ‘til you drop   ~ GTS ~

Smoking or non-smoking?

So, do you REALLY want to know the future?

Societies with Secrets     ~ GTS ~

Someone is watching you

Sticks and stones can break my bones

Thank You ~ gets a great response from the recipient

The best is yet to come

The Man Upstairs

The one who dies with the most toys WINS, but my question is ~ wins WHAT?   ~ GTS ~

This is AS GOOD AS IT GETS !   ~ GTS ~

TOO GOOD to be true

Tougher than nails   ~ GTS ~

Vacation Time    ~ GTS ~

Veterans, we want to say THANK YOU !

Want a SURE THING? Want to win BIG?

Water, Water Everywhere …

What could be WORSE ?     ~ GTS ~

What if you miss the RAPTURE?   ~ GTS ~

(Their title: Don’t Take the Mark !)

What would you do if...?


Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

Who are you REALLY ?

Why NOT believe, what have you got to lose?   ~ GTS ~

YARD SALES   So many YARD SALES, So little time.

You are NOT going to die – GUARANTEED, and I can PROVE it !

You can’t see the forest for the trees !

You can’t take it with you ... or can you?    ~ GTS ~

You DO believe
YOU, yes you, are LOVED   ~ GTS ~ 


TimeLY Tracts:    Because God’s Word is always timeLY.   


Happy New Year

Valentine’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day

April Fool

Jelly Beans and Jesus

Jelly beans, don’t you just love them

He is alive

Veterans, we want to say THANK YOU !

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day


Freedom is never free

(for July 4th and any day. Matching T-shirt and pin also available)

Labor Day

Back to school

Trick or Treat

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Birthday, Jesus

A Very Special Story (the candy cane story)

EVERY knee should bow…(even Santa’s)

How to beat the Christmas rush

What’s on YOUR Christmas list this year ?

Friday the 13th


A Special Invitation for YOU because YOU are Special !

Can be customized to fit any church for a special event or as a

door-hanger for visitation.




12 Fingers and 12 Toes

Are YOU mad at God?

Do you know FOR SURE?

Free Gift Inside

Ignorance is bliss

Money is the root of all evil

The one who dies with the most toys WINS, but my question is ~

wins WHAT?

Tougher than nails   ~ GTS ~

YOU, yes you, are LOVED


Happy New Year

Valentine’s Day

April Fool

Jelly Beans, don’t you just love them!

Mother’s Day

Father’s Day

A very special story (the candy cane story)




Especially for YOU, a GIANT PRINT follow-up book     $5 each


Okay, so tell me. Where is it?     $5 each  

“Addresses” to over 200 topics, many not usually found in concordances

Let’s go through the Bible, 7 fill-in-the-blank Bible Lessons,     $5 each set  

1.   Assurance of salvation

2.  Baptism, church attendance and membership, tithing, communion

3.  Heaven and Hell

4.   Forgiveness of sin, self and others

5.   Prayer and Bible reading

6.   Soul winning and witnessing

7.   End times and Bible facts


A Harmony of the Gospels like none other     $5 each

Brings together in one story all the verses from the four Gospels, plus a few others, of the Betrayal, Arrest, Trials and Crucifixion of Jesus Christ



Greeting Cards:  (envelope included)


          Sympathy card   $2


        Christmas card

Three Wise Men, black ink on cream paper   $2

Santa Claus kneeling at the manger, color ink on white paper   $2


Valentine’s Day card   .50

          John 3:16 with the letters VALENTINE highlighted in red


Get well card   $2


        Birthday card   $2


All cards have the plan of salvation and sinner’s prayer. 

Sympathy and Christmas cards have NT verses with matching OT references.



2 ¼” Pins     $2                     3” Pins     $3





Valentine’s Day: 

1. FOR GOD SO LOVED...and a picture of a cross with a heart inside

2. John 3:16 with the letters in the verse spelling  VALENTINE  highlighted in red





(Good for use with the matching tract)






BE BOLD !     BE BRAVE !           DARE TO SHARE !     DARE TO WEAR !




on the front

with Romans 5:8  written out on the back.


(Also good to use with matching pin and tract.)



Postage is extra. If you live nearby, I can deliver things.

ALL monies go to support the tract ministry.






Prices may subject to change without notice or being reflected on this page.